641-CH Barkley Chair

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Available Styles
641-CH: Fabric Chair
L641-CH: Leather Chair
641D-CH: Chair with Dressmaker Skirt

Section Title: DIMENSIONS (inches)
Overall:: W 33 D 37 H 37
Inside:: W 23 D 22 H 16
Arm:: H 22
Seat:: H 21
Section Title: SEAT CUSHIONS
Construction:: 8-Way Hand Tied
Quantity & Seam:: One Border-Welt
Standard Fill:: Feather Lux
Fill Options:: Majestic, Relaxed Down, Spring Lux
Section Title: BACK PILLOWS
Quantity and Seam:: One Border-Welt
Fill Options:: Majestic Fiber
Section Title: NAIL TRIM
Nails:: Optional with Charge
Placement:: Base
Nail Options:: #9, #52, #54
Section Title: WOOD
Wood Species:: Maple
Custom Embellishments:: View Options (2MB)
Finish Options:: Stain, Paint, Metallic Paint
Section Title: BASE
Skirt:: 8 in.
Fabric Required:: 8.5 Yards (54" Plain)
Cord Replacing Welt:: 26 Yards
Trim, Top of Skirt or Base:: 5 Yards
Trim, Bottom:: 10 Yards
Section Title: SHIPPING INFO
Weight:: 75 lbs
Shipping Cubes:: 0.73 cubic meters