Interior Design Services interior design services are complimentary

for our clients who shop with us.

Let’s Talk

We like to meet our clients in the showroom and walk them through our space so we can get an understanding of what they are looking for intheir design project.

The Meeting

We would like to schedule an appointment at your home so we can walk through the space and take measurements, pictures and see which pieces you would like us to work with and incorporate into the new design scheme. This is where you show us what your ideas and inspirations are and what you wouldlike the space to be. We would then discuss the budget for the project.

The Process

At this point our designers take all the information they have gathered and start the design process. We create detailed 3 dimensional floor plans of your home. Then we start designing the space with furniture, flooring, lighting, accents as well as selecting all the fabrics and finishes. This is the point in the process were your ideas become your vision.

The Presentation

We like to meet our clients in the showroom so we can go over in detail the layouts and overall design scheme for your home. We provide several different design layouts and options for you to select from and at this point you truly get an understanding of what we are creating for you.

The WOW Factor

This is when we have completed the project and have personally overseen the installation. This is also where your vison of the space hasnow become a reality. Your new home is ready for you to create new and wonderful memories.



Interior Designer

Nate Yrigoyen


Interior Designer


Lee Thomas

Established AT HOM in 2005

About the designer:

Lee’s passion for home furnishings and interior design helped him open his first furniture store at 23 years old. Now 20 years later, he has worked on hundreds of projects throughout California. The most important part of Lee’s work is helping his clients achieve the look and feel of what they want. Lee moved from Palm Springs to San Diego in 2010 to open a second location in Little Italy. Years later, Lee has made a name for himself in the home furnishing and interior design community.

From mid-century modern, contemporary, transitional and traditional, Lee helps his clients achieve not only the look they want but also create it in a way in which the space is used by them. Lee’s passion away from work is traveling the world and seeing new cultures. Having traveled extensively helps him create unexpected spaces that are unique and representative of the home owner.